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WordPress Settings API by Vishal Kothari

Wordpress Settings API by Vishal Kothari

I am the founder of Tyche Softwares & the CTO at PreK12 Plaza. At Tyche, our team focuses on developing WooCommerce plugins. We’ve had the privilege of being the first to release a Booking plugin that’s fully integrated with WooCommerce. Apart from that, we maintain a very sharp & limited focus on the plugins that we have.

At Tyche, I am not actively involved in coding, apart from for a WordPress plugin that’s in development. My typical day is occupied with ensuring top quality customer support by our team. It also includes prioritizing features for plugin updates, improving the quality of existing plugins & affiliate management, sales & marketing.

Doing things the right way

It’s widely known that WordPress is now used on about 23% of the websites on Internet. What is not known is that only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date. Yes, only 22%!

This is worrying. Because this suggests that the websites that are not up to date, have not been designed / coded in the right way so as to allow them to update to the latest version of WordPress.

What I will cover

The take away from this session would be one step in the direction of doing things the right way with WordPress.

The session will cover on how to use the WordPress Settings API to add sections & setting fields on existing settings pages as well as on new pages.

It will also cover data validation & sanitisation as they play an important role.

Although it is not possible to cover a lot within 20-25 minutes on this topic, but the idea is to cover enough so that all theme & plugin developers who are not already using the Settings API can start checking it out & using it.

You shall be able to find code resources on Github as well as notes. I shall be updating that soon & posting the links here.