Find yourself “WP Helpers” at WordCamp Mumbai

Often at a WordCamp you are confused whom to ask for help or how to ask for help about WordPress. Sometimes because there are many experts, some might feel their questions are too basic or too simple to be asked, some might just be shy to ask questions at a Q &A part of the speaker’s session.

This is why we are introducing WP Helpers at the WordCamp.

What are WP Helpers?

Many times you want some WordPress help on a one on one basis from an expert who has used WordPress for a long time. So people who are volunteering for helping out people with their WordPress queries at the WordCamp are called WP Helpers. 🙂

How to find WP Helpers at WordCamp Mumbai?

There are many experts at this WordCamp. Many of them are our speakers and also a lot of people who work on WordPress for a living. We will be co-ordinating various experts at the venue. Just ask any of the volunteers or the designated co-ordinator for help and they will answer your questions themselves or find someone who can.

How do I become a WP Helper?

When you register in the morning, just mention how you use WordPress and would like to be an WP Helper. We already have a co-ordinator who will handle and get the right queries to you.