Gaurav Pareek on “Better WordPress Development with Vagrant”

Better WordPress Development with Vagrant

Hi WordPressers!! My name is Gaurav, and I’m a WordPress developer. Generally I make themes but I also dabble in plugins and stuff. I’ve been using and developing custom solutions with WordPress for nearly 6 years, and have seen a lot of unusual, weird and bad development practices throughout the whole web development community.

Most of these “bad practices” don’t turn into big problems if a single freelance developer is involved, but if two or more people are there, it quickly grows into a nightmare. If these people are distributed, it’s a whole new story. If you’ve ever worked in such a scenario, you might have heard about the following

  • Works on my machine
  • Your server config isn’t right.
  • It worked when I tried it on localhost.

Enter Vagrant

Vagrant aims to solve all of these by providing an easy way of creating, maintaining, and reproducing portable development environments. All this information is stored in simple text files. This whole thing can be put under version control, and tracked across projects.

What will I speak about

In my talk, I’m going to give a brief introduction to Vagrant, and share some problem scenarios which make Vagrant a must have for every WordPress developer, designer, or theme tester. Then I’ll be giving a live demo showing how easy it is to get started with a pre-configured environment.

I really believe that this session will really help both beginners and experienced developers/designers in some way.