Make some noise with #WCMumbai

The WordCamp is back in Mumbai. In just over a week from now on 7th and 8th March, WordCamp will get underway. The volunteer team has worked out details like WiFi, the menu for lunch on both days.

A lot of people who are attending WordCamp Mumbai, we really only interact with them online most times. One of the best way to get in touch with WordCamp activities is through various social channels.


Here is a list of all the social media pages we will be using:


Let’s make some noise as we enter the last week before WordCamp. Get our attention by using the hashtag #WCMumbai.

Something to remember!

Be respectful. We have a Code of Conduct to WordCamp Mumbai. This is to keep the engagement interesting, informal and fun but not disrespectful, discriminatory or hateful.

And since its just eight days left, go ahead and register for WordCamp Mumbai