See you in 2016 (or may be at our next meetup)

We are back from WordCamp Pune and had a great time there!!

If you did notice WordCamp Mumbai getting mentioned there a lot (Thanks Saurabh) and was wondering what’s really happening. I have the insider scoop for you 😉

But this is also an end post for WordCamp Mumbai 2015 of sorts so I have some info to share with you about this WordCamp before I go on to the next one.

Money Matters First:

So we’d like you to know how much we spent and on what. This helps us maintain transparency and also if there something that we are paying too much for you can always point it out, who doesn’t love saving!

So here’s our Statement of Accounts

Watch them again:

We have uploaded the session videos here on

Please Note: that videos get moderated before going live and may take time, so please be patient if a certain speaker video isn’t up yet or you could pester us about the same as well.

Now to WordCamp Mumbai 2016

We are in the initial stages of pre-planning, figuring out our budget, venue and getting them approved before we move forward.

In 2016, one of our Organizers from last year Sanat Hegde will be leading the charge, and I will be stepping back only from being Lead Organizer and will continue being part of the WordCamp. It’s important to note that Sanat was an attendee at WordCamp Mumbai 2014, attended meetups thereafter, joined our organizing team last year and now is leading WordCamp Mumbai. We have built an open group here which is always looking for volunteers to help with meetups, workshops and WordCamp, So join in here.

If you are interested in Sponsoring, Speaking or most importantly Volunteering; you can subscribe to our Blog here, as we will be making announcements about the same there.

If you really feel that there is something you need to ask us about, you can just go ahead and use the form next the subscribe option.

Meetups are more fun!

While WordCamp is this big ticket event, Meetups happen regularly (at least one a month). Meetups are a great place to meet fellow WordPress Enthusiasts and make life long friends.

We prefer using volunteers who attend meetups as we are more confident when we meet people face to face, regularly.  If you would like to speak at the WordCamp, but aren’t very confident, you can also get in touch with us about speaking at the meetup, as a trial.

So Signup for a meetup here.

BTW did I mention that this is WordPress Chapter Program Meetup, which means anyone can organize a WordPress Meetup.