Schedule for WordCamp Mumbai 2015


Teaching Happiness: What WordPress Support Can Learn From the Classroom

This session will explore how you and your organisation can provide better WordPresss support by being more conscious of each support staffer’s role as a ‘trainer’ or ‘teacher’ and each user’s role as a ‘learner’.

While support personnel have been traditionally seen as ‘fixers’, and while many contemporary support outfits still focus on this aspect of the experience, WordPress support has always been about more than just matching problems with solutions.


Mahangu Weerasinghe

Embedding and consuming external content in WordPress: Requests, Caching, Parsing



Akshay Raje

WordPress as the backbone of a mobile app

It’s an introduction to using WordPress as a middleware system for various apps, particularly for mobile applications. We’ll be dealing with WordPress’s Custom Posts, REST API, JSON, and AJAX to build an engine, and a simple front-end based on it.


Amit Sharma

Typography for WordPress

It’ll start with explaining what typography is, why it’s important and how, by just investing 10 to 15 minutes, you can make your site more readable and good looking. Since everybody deals with text, this talk would be relevant to all – developers, designers, bloggers and other WordPress users.


Raj Mehta

Translate WordPress to Your Language

Main goal of my session is an introduction to GlotPress, it’s usages and tools related to it. In addition I will share some good practices for translating WordPress themes and Plugins.


Bigul Malayi

The Philosophy that drives WordPress

What does the philosophy of WordPress mean to YOU? How does it impact a Blogger? How does it impact a Developer? How does it impact others?


Karthik Magapu

Empowering global ecommerce: Value of open source, globalized product strategy and localization

In this talk I will be sharing my personal journey with WordPress and the journey of growing a WordPress eCommerce product. I will delve into the global ecommerce space and examine ways open source e-commerce and particularly WordPress is making it easier than ever to sell in your country and globally.

I will be sharing some key things we’ve learned in trying to make WooCommerce more accessible globally by working with key developer and e-commerce services partners. If you are interested in the topics of WordPress product businesses or global ecommerce you should find this talk interesting.


Joel Bronkowski

The Content Creator’s Life – Challenges, Motivations, Concerns

Who are the people who use WordPress? What are they looking for? What are their priorities and their pain points? What is the nature of their relationship with WordPress? This talk is a tour through the world of the Content Creator.


Ramya Pandyan

WordPress and the Youth!

In this session, I would speak of how and why the youth of today are not reading blogs and how it can be changed. Parts of my speech are focused on publicising WordPress and why it is such a great option for the youth of today. I not only speak of how to get teenage readers to read your blog, but also on how to keep them hooked and willingly follow your blog posts.


Krishna Mehta

WordPress for the Enterprise

As WordPress gains more market share as the Content Management System of choice, how can large organizations start adopting this platform for their internal requirements? Join us as we discuss the concerns and challenges that each organization would face while adopting to the platform and how we as enablers can help overcome those challenges.


Prasad Ajinkya

Goodbye to /wp-admin

2015 will be remembered in the WordPress community as the year of the JSON REST API. It will be the biggest turning point in the WordPress project since 2010 (when we first saw custom post types). As a result of this, I believe that we’ll see /wp-admin start to disappear in favor of more functional backend interfaces. In this talk we’ll explore the possibilities of a future without /wp-admin


Sam Hotchkiss

WordPress Security – OWASP TOP 10 Protection

This session will take a looks at WordPress Security. It will address concerns of the general user, how WordPress sites are generally hacked, the need for an international security standard in WordPress. The session will describe the top 10 vulnerabilities as listed in OWASP.


Roshnikumar Yambem

Debugging WordPress Performance using EasyEngine

WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins freely available. Not all of them are coded beautifully or tested with big WordPress sites. When a bad piece of code goes live on a WordPress site, it can slow down site and even crash server in some cases.

Goal of this session is to show how EasyEngine and other tools/techniques can be used to debug performance bottleneck on a WordPress site. I hope it will make the life of developers and system admins easy.


Rahul Bansal

The Settings Experience – Why It Sucks

We’ve spent almost a decade perfecting the art of adding settings to WordPress, in hopes of improving the user experience. Instead, we’ve destroyed it. I’ll be talking about how we can make decisions for users, shape the settings experience based on a user’s environment and specific needs, along with looking at how low-level AI (artificial intelligence) can be used to reimagine the entire settings experience in not just WordPress, but all software (and maybe even the world).


Bryce Adams

WordPress Settings API – Settings, Sections & Fields

This session will contain an introduction to WP Settings API, Functions list, Adding settions fields on an existing page and a new page along with overall discussion on why use Settings API.


Vishal Kothari

Best Practices for WordPress Development

I will be speaking about best practices for WordPress development, which we follow daily in our work. I will speak about code design patterns, how to write better code, precautions related to security and how to improve performance of your code and debugging tools.


Faishal Sayed

Building Themes: Lessons Learned from Contributing to Default Themes

I’ve been involved in creating three out of the last four default themes for WordPress. It’s been a great learning opportunity and it let me grow, both as a WordPress developer as well as a contributor and member of the community. I’m going to share some lessons learned, on the theme creation side of things about how innovative we were able to be even though we had to cater to such a broad spectrum of users, and on the community side how it enabled me to become more involved with the project and work with other contributors around the world towards a common goal.


Konstantin Obenland

Better WordPress development with Vagrant

Vagrant is a fantastic piece of software that allows developers and testers to create portable, reusable and easily reproducible development environments. This session is going to cover the functional aspects and a quick demo of the workflow of using Vagrant specifically for WordPress development.


Gaurav Pareek

Simple WordPress Troubleshooting

This talk highlights some of the most common problems faced while working with WordPress and lists simple ways to overcome them.


Jatin Hariani